WorkControl’s 3 Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks with tri-axle walking floor trailers

A growing roadworks and traffic control operation in regional New South Wales has added three Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks with Etnyre Falcon tri-axle walking floor trailers to its fleet. The advanced 2653 models will perform asphalting work for the business, which was founded in Forbes by Kevin and Colleen Gunn with a focus on traffic control. Their sons Ben and Joe now run the growing business, which has six locations throughout western New South Wales, employs 300 people and has a fleet of 130 vehicles.

WorkControl has expanded recently to include roadwork services, prompting the purchase of the three Actros trucks that feature striking artwork celebrating the Wiradjuri heritage of the Gunn family.

The advanced active safety features of the Actros, including the latest generation advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS) called Active Brake Assist 5, which can come to a complete stop for pedestrians as well as vehicles, were at the centre of the decision to choose Mercedes-Benz trucks.

“Safety is at the very centre of everything we do at WorkControl,” says Ben Gunn. “Keeping workers safe is the very reason our business exists, so it is only natural that we choose trucks like the Actros with all their safety gear.”

WorkControl selected the 2653 Actros, which features the muscular 13-litre six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine that generates a healthy 530hp and 2600Nm of torque. The efficient engine, which meets stringent Euro 6 emissions standards, is paired with a 12-speed fully automated transmission. It features a special crawler gear for low-speed work.

The WorkControl trucks use Etnyre Falcon 33ft tri-axle live bottom floor trailers with 42-inch wide conveyor belts that can empty a load with just half a rotation. This is a patented system, but is simple and has low maintenance requirements. The fully-insulated trailers have been designed to be among the lightest in their class in order to drive down fuel consumption and feature rear twin barn doors with individual cylinders and steep side walls to allow for easy discharge of all materials.