Mercedes Benz Zetros

Tons Of Work, No Roads? You need Zetros.

Outstanding traction, supremely mobile, tough in the taking: Zetros, the off-road specialist for extreme terrain, is the solution for the future when coping with exceedingly difficult conditions way off sealed roads. Decades of off-road know-how and innovative technology combine to produce this modern truck concept for carrying out extreme operations.


Superior off-road characteristics

The Zetros is perfectly equipped for operations over the most difficult terrain – even under the most extreme conditions. Its superior off-road concept derives from the outstanding interaction of its powerful chassis components which ensure fast and safe driving over very varying types of ground. In addition, it has outstanding traction handling and is extremely mobile thanks to its bonnet design and well-balanced axle load distribution.

Its off road features include:

• Permanent four wheel drive
• Differential locks.

• Two-stage transfer gear box with off-road gear ration of 1:1.69

• 13t outer planetary rear axle.
• Reinforced frame.
• Fording ability.

Designed expressly for attachments & mounted bodies

Its straight and smooth ladder-type frame,reinforced top of the frame and auxiliary drives for attaching hydraulic systems ensure that the Zetros is supremely capable of mounting individually required attachments and bodies. Whether custom-built solutions are needed for disaster intervention, fire departement, public service or the energy and construction sectors – the Zetros is ready and waiting. It is an absolutely state-of-the-art off-road truck for:-

• transporting goods, hazardous materials or people
• expeditions and recovery
• extinguishing fires
• rescues and disaster intervention
• loading, construction and assembly work

Bluetec technology

At the heart of the Zetros drive system is a straight-six engine with charge-air cooling (OM 926 LA). Featuring BlueTEC technology, it is environmentally compatible and compliant with the Euro 5* emissions standard.

This compact, lightweight turbo-diesel engine with a displacement of 7.2 litres delivers 240 kW and achieves a maximum torque rating of 1300 Nm at engine speeds from 1200 to 1600 rpm.


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